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DIY home staging vs. professional home staging

When it comes to selling homes, home staging is a key step that can help you sell your home faster, and at a better price.

Home staging is the process whereby a piece of property is made more appealing to potential buyers.

With over 90% of buyers using the internet to search for real estate, home staging is that extra push that gives your property a better online presence.

Advantages of professional home staging

    • An experienced professional home stager knows exactly what to do with your home in order for it to attract more attention on the market.
    • You’ll save time and effortwhen you give the job to a professional home stager—even if you have to pay for the services. If you choose to go the DIY route, you’ll find yourself hiring workers, choosing paint colors, and shopping for extra furniture and accessories – things you won’t need to deal with if you hire a professional stager.
    • You can take care of other tasks that will help sell your home if you hire a professional home stager.

DIY home staging tips

If hiring a professional home stager just doesn’t fit your budget, you can stage your own home. Just bear in mind that it will take time.

But if you have a good eye for design and plenty of spare time, staging your own home can turn out to be fun.

Here’s how you do it:

    • Trust the internet, which is filled with great ideas for home staging. Check out sites like YouTube or Pinterest.
    • Make the most impact with good curb appeal.Clean your front yard, repaint your exterior walls, add new plants—anything that will make the entrance to your home more appealing.
    • Clean, clean, clean! Dust and spit-polish every nook and cranny of your home. Buff your floors, vacuum your carpets, scrub grime from shower walls.
    • Focus on the buyer. The key is to have the buyer  imagine themselves living in your home, so get rid of clutter and don’t leave too many personal items lying around.
    • Make your home look ready to be moved in, which buyers like. Make rooms appear larger by getting rid of bulky furniture. Go for smaller and more modern-themed pieces, or just borrow some of your friends’ furniture.

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