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Energy Audits Can Help Sell Your House

So your house is up for sale.

You’ve tried to apply the advice of every online expert on home sales. You have, for example, fixed or covered up every crack, break, stain, and damage. You’ve even hired an inspector to check for the usual suspects—the presence of radon, lead paint, and asbestos in your home.

In fact, your house is in tiptop shape and condition. Anyone would buy it in a heartbeat.

Making your home more desirable

All you have to do now is meet potential buyers and anticipate a quick sale.

There is one last thing, though, that you can…

do to make your home even more desirable.

You can have your home audited for how it consumes energy.

Is your home energy efficient?

Energy auditing is a largely ignored part in the process of selling a home. Though it has been available for years alongside the usual inspection routines to locate asbestos, radon, and the like, hardly anyone undertakes an energy audit.

This is particularly odd, considering how everyone is worried about rising energy costs.

With an energy audit—the best known being the Home Energy Rating System (H.E.R.S)—you will know exactly just how energy efficient your home is.

Hot item on the market

So how does knowing your home’s gas and electricity consumption make your property a hot item on the market?

The answer is marketing.

You can make the energy efficiency of your home a selling point and have the proof to back that claim.

Tapping into green

Today, we live in an age with a vastly growing awareness of the importance of green living.

What was once just a marketing buzzword is now a multi-billion industry that encompasses a wide variety of products and services and affects global industries. From lighting fixtures to construction options, living green, once a trend, is fast becoming the new normal.

An energy audit taps into this growing consciousness.

Is your property equivalent to a gas guzzler?

Whether it’s the gas for heating or electricity use, an energy audit done by a professional can help you identify what you’re expending the most energy on.

In a worst case scenario, you might find out that your property is comparable to a 30-year-old monster truck guzzling too much gas.

You shouldn’t fret if this happens though.

An opportunity for improvement

You can make this an opportunity to improvements on your property and make it truly energy efficient.

This extra step can be used this to sell your property.

Though this may not appeal to all buyers, it will attract the right kind of buyers.

Helping yourself and the buyer

The more discerning will be more than willing to pay for improvements on top of the property’s asking price.

These buyers know that in the long run, shelling out a couple of more thousands will save them the bother of working on improvements themselves at some point in the future.

With a simple energy audit, not only are you helping yourself out, but your buyer as well. And all it takes is a simple phone call and you’re more than ready to put your house up for sale.