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HD photos and video tours help sell your home

With more than 90% of home buyers using the internet to search for real estate, photos and videos have become a key factor when it comes to selling properties.

According to studies, listings that feature a good collection of HD or high-definition photos and an in-depth virtual tour tend to do better than other listings on a real estate website.

When you add HD photos and video tours to your listing, you’re giving prospective buyers a much better view of your property. They get to see all of the home’s best features, and they get to imagine themselves walking through

its rooms and hallways—even if they’re hundreds of miles away.

Indeed, HD photos and video tours can serve as very powerful tools to attract the right buyers to your property.

Exterior photos are the first thing buyers see

Whenever home buyers search for properties online, the very first thing that grabs their attention is an attractive exterior photo.

A good shot of a home’s exterior may spell the difference between someone spending more time on a listing, or moving on to look at other properties.

Exterior shots are also a great way to showcase a property’s outdoor features, such as patios, decks, landscaping, and the surrounding view.

Interior photos and video tours offer an in-depth look

Buyers need to walk through a property and see its living spaces first before they even consider purchasing it.

Interior photos and video tours give home buyers an in-depth look at what’s inside the home you’re selling, even if they’re just sitting in front of a PC monitor.

Providing a virtual tour or interior photos welcomes buyers to your home—and generates more interest in your listing. If buyers like what they see, they’ll definitely want to know more details.
A final word on what makes for a good virtual tour:

  • Photos that highlight the home’s best features
  • A tour that shows how each room flows to the next.

If your goal is to leave a good impression with buyers online, without a doubt, these are some of the best tools you can rely on.