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Marketing your commercial office space

The performance of a commercial property on the real estate market depends on many factors.

Every single step—from planning to construction/renovation and to occupancy—affects how the property is eventually received.

You can have a perfectly structured office space and still end up with few takers.

A few tips, then, on how to attract tenants:

  1. Make your presence felt.IN REAL LIFE: Announce the name and nature of the property on the actual site to let the neighborhood know what it is. The proximity of your office space may attract lessees from around the area.

    ONLINE: Make sure that your online listing is prodigiously linked and highly discoverable. Promote your project in blogs and press releases.

  2. Build and keep a following.Social media helps you start a following by making your project look highly desirable.

    With constant updates and informative posts, you can increase the exposure and desirability of your office space and keep buyers and renters hooked.

  3. Showcase your uniqueness and creativity.Commercial developments are sprouting everywhere, so you need to be creative and make yours stand out.

    Here are a few ideas:

    • Host a series of short seminars and lectures for starters and if you can handle the potential deluge, take the invite online.
    • Make your event memorable. You can serve refreshments, raffle off a prize, spotlight a special guest, and so on.
    • It’s not just about the property but the presentation. If your office space has all the usual amenities found in all the best properties, then present yours in a unique way.
    • Create an “identity” for your office space that people can relate to. Make it desirable to anyone who comes upon it.
  4. Be a good neighbor.Stay in touch with the people who showed interest in your office space. Apprise them of developments or let them know if you have other properties available.

    Promote the neighborhood your development is in and the way of life of the people who live there.

    In case vacancies arise, hire from within the immediate community if you are able.