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Tips on selling mixed-use property

Mixed-use facilities don’t go out of favor because of what they provide the individual: residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and industrial functions rolled into one, where the individual can live, work, and play without crossing the street or driving a car.

If you’re selling a mixed-use development in Los Angeles, make sure you meet the following Requirements

For mixed-use facilities with residential spaces:

  • Smoke detectors
    Section 91.8603 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code requires all residential properties, including condominiums and apartments, to have smoke detectors installed on the ceiling or wall of rooms used for sleeping and rooms with a central location. Detectors must also be installed in basements. For condominiums and apartments, smoke detectors must be hard-wired and have battery backup.
  • Security lighting and locks
    Los Angeles mandates that apartment buildings provide ample security to its residents by having security lighting and locks installed.Exterior lighting must be installed in the following areas:

    • Recreational spaces
    • Parking areas
    • Walkways
    • Entrance of each unit

    Interior lighting, on the other hand, must be installed in common and service rooms as well as parking garages.

    Doors and windows that provide entry to each dwelling must be installed with locks.

For mixed-use facilities with commercial spaces:

Because they’re a convenience to residents and tenants, mixed-use facilities often accommodate commercial spaces. To know more about requirements needed for both commercial and residential properties, check out our guide on selling commercial real estate.

Why hire experts to help sell your mixed-use property?

When you hire an experienced professional real estate agent to sell your mixed-use property, you increase your chance of landing a profitable sale.

Getting a real estate lawyer to advise you on the arcane legalities of selling commercial real estate ensures you comply with every requirement the transaction entails.

Knowing what to do at the outset instead of figuring it out yourself speeds up the selling process.

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