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Sell your home faster using a single-property website

Today, every piece of information you need is online.

It’s made life so much easier especially for property buyers. Searching for homes by size, price, and location alone can instantly yield a dozen choices.

As a home seller, you want your property to appear in the upper reaches of those search results—for maximum visibility and the likeliest clickability.


One property, one website

By creating a website dedicated to a single property. Yes, just one.

Not your real estate inventory, if you happen to be in the business. Not even for 2 or 3 related properties.

To ensure online visibility and up the chances of selling your home faster, you have to keep your website focused on the sole property you are trying to sell.


Looking at house key through magnifying glassEverything that a website needs—photos, links, and detailed information—will force you to show your property at its best—or else spruce it up in a hurry.

Your website should help a buyer see your property without being physically present at the location.

The advantages are pretty clear:

  • You get to show your property at minimal cost
  • You save time for yourself and your potential buyers
  • You’ve found an excellent way to market and sell your home

Best of all, having a single-property website expands your connections by simply being up online.

With the social boom, you can pass on the website address or URL and have friends and family share the information—instantaneously spreading the word about the property you’re selling
Zero cost, unlike newspaper ads that run for only a day, or posters and flyers you would have to reproduce and physically distribute

There’s more.

Free listing on Realtor, Yahoo, Google

If you use quality property site building tools, you can get free listing syndication. This means your site will be automatically submitted to various real estate portals such as Yahoo Real Estate, Realtor, and Google Base.

So, when someone looks up a home for sale in your area, your property will be among the top search results.

Single-property websites can do wonders for you. Give it a spin to measure just how effective it is.

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