Leo Nordine

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Why Us?

Nordine Commercial is a small real estate company with offices in Los Angeles and Redondo Beach, founded by Leo Nordine in 1990 with the idea of truly putting the client first.

Horrified by standard no-cancel 6 month listing agreements, Leo’s original plan was to charge less and offer 30 day listings, with the right to cancel anytime for any reason. It took off like a rocket, and hasn’t been modified in 28 years.

With over 5400 personal sales, Leo is the undisputed #1 agent in sales among all L.A. and South Bay agents, dead or alive.

Focus: Helping sellers of small commercial and industrial properties get top $ fast with minimum hoopla, and making it as painless as possible.

Ethics: Perfect 30 year B.R.E record. Leo NEVER double-ends deals.

Marketing small commercial and industrial real estate became our niche on accident: sellers kept calling because the big commercial brokers weren’t interested in selling small properties in south L.A., and the residential brokers didn’t know how.

Our full time staff answers all calls live from 8AM to 6PM+, even on weekends. Maintaining good rapport with buyers’ agents has been one of the keys to Leo’s unmatched sales record.

About Leo:
Leo was born at County Hospital in East L.A. two weeks after his parents emigrated here from Europe. His first home was an apartment next to the Harbor Freeway, where South Park is now. A father himself at 17, Leo began working near-full time as a senior in high school. College was never an option. In 1987 he got his real estate license, hoping to make enough money to support his wife and daughters. Upon seeing him and his Plymouth Duster, a few buyers didn’t want to work with him (one lady said “you’re not a realtor, you’re a kid!”). But he sold a property his first week, and was high as a kite. Over the next 90 days he worked with a sense of urgency, 12 hours a day, without a day off. He sold 72 properties his first year, more the next, and still more every year, until peaking at 323. 30 years later not much has changed: he still works 12 hour days, is still a perfectionist, and still really loves his work. Clients still come first.